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With uncertain times looming over the world, we, The Decon Pros, are committed to providing our customers with the best services for Covid 19 Corona Virus Decontamination Services in Toronto. We understand that people might need emergency decontamination services during a pandemic situation. We are certified and trained professionals to deal with such matters.

We offer our assistance for industrial, commercial, public, and personal properties for cleansing and disinfectant services. Our employees are standing at the front lines during this pandemic to ensure health and safety by battling coronavirus. For the sanitization processes, we offer several different types of cleaning approaches for our customers.

Services we provide

We understand that every business has now the need for the Covid 19 Corona Virus Decontamination Services at regular intervals to keep this virus at bay. Hence, as mentioned earlier, we offer various approaches to disinfect and sanitize any area thoroughly. These services include:

  1. Respond and manage incidents related to Covid 19 exposures and more
  2. Disinfecting and decontaminating emergency services
  3. Routine disinfecting services for workplaces and more
  4. Disposing objects that may have been exposed to Covid 19
  5. Preventative PPEs’ safe disposal

These are some primary services that we offer to our customers looking for a solution to battle this pandemic. With our assistance, an individual or a company can keep any space free of coronavirus.

Decontamination services toronto

Please have a look at our services in detail!

1. Responding to incidents and managing it

Unlike numerous organizations in this sanitizing sector, The Decon Pros professionals have years of expertise in handling and managing incidents related to the pandemic. Our experts have adequate knowledge about the virus, and while conducting work, our methods and tools used for Covid 19 Corona Virus Decontamination Services are second to none.

Our response management team assesses any situation that is put in front of them and offers a quick solution to handle it. Our incident response team will help keep a company’s employees and the general public stay safe during this pandemic crisis worldwide.

2. Emergency disinfecting and decontamination services

As a firm in the sanitization sector, we understand that an emergency can arise at any moment during this crisis. Therefore, we make it our job to provide our customers with a rapid response Covid 19 Decontamination Services in Toronto if anyone requires it.

We utilize cleaning and sanitizing products that the Canadian Health Department approves. Using such products helps us clean any surface or area adequately, allowing people to use such spaces without fear. Moreover, we keep an updated list from the government about which cleaning products are most effective at defeating this virus’s spread and keeping our customers safe.

3. Bi-weekly or weekly disinfection services

Employers who worry about their employees’ health and themselves should opt for our bi-weekly or weekly disinfecting and decontamination services. It is like an investment that will aid in preventing workplace spread, allowing for business activities to continue and offer a better ROI.

We have several proactive plans for our clients to select from according to their need. This customization helps them to choose Covid 19 Corona Virus Decontamination Services required by a business to keep a place safe from the deadly coronavirus. Depending on the requirement, a firm can hire us for weekly or bi-weekly sanitization.

This is ideal for office spaces, warehouses, industrial facilities, common areas such as bathrooms, break rooms, etc. During the process, we use spray/fog and other machines along with hand wipes to clean all substantially used touchpoints or objects like desks, doorknobs, vending machines, and more. Disinfectants used by us always meet the Health Department of Canada’s criteria when fighting against this pandemic.

Furthermore, if our clients want, we work with them to offer a customized solution that will focus on visitors and staff’s safety and health without disturbing one’s daily operation.

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4. Disposal of hazardous or non-hazardous Covid 19 components

Among our Covid 19 Corona Virus Decontamination Services Toronto, we offer our customers the option of disposing of remains/debris that has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Irrespective of whether these remains and objects are hazardous or not, we disinfect them and dispose them off the premises in order to ensure that space is thoroughly sanitized.

We are certified in disposing of such hazardous and non-hazardous materials that might spread coronavirus. Using disposable bags is ideal for containing such remains, we swiftly complete the task without much hassle. This saves our client from wondering how and where to dispose of These objects

If customers are worried about the disposal of Covid 19 remains/debris, they need to contact our customer service department and provide answers to clear any queries.

5. Safe disposal of PPE

With workplace and businesses opening up, people are heading back to their places of work. Many commercial places require people to use preventative PPE kits like gloves, masks, etc., to stay safe and protected from this pandemic. However, having so many people using this type of PPE creates a challenge for people who need to dispose of them correctly.

The Decon Pros have a new program that allows us to safely transport and safely dispose of these preventative PPE kits. Our Covid 19 Corona Virus Decontamination Services helps divert such waste to a facility where these are thermally destroyed instead of lying around in landfills. Thus, this is a compliant and safe way of destruction that solves the regular usage PPE disposable problem.

Hence, we are the best defense against coronavirus and are the ones that offer a quick solution to all sanitization issues. All you need now is to get in touch with our customer service team on this (647) 931-3484 number, and we will guide you in any way required.