Disinfection Services

Coronavirus has brought about a change in people everyday lives across the world, which is why our professional are determined to offer the best possible Covid 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services Toronto. This pandemic has brought about a change in the ways people work. With The Decon Pros’ disinfecting services people can have a workplace as well as personal property free of this virus.

From the industrial sector to any other business, buildings are thoroughly disinfected by our trained and certified professionals. We use Canada’s Health Department approved cleaning supplies for this virus. With our aid, people can ensure their safety, especially in places where people work. Our disinfection services consist of various approaches that safeguard an individual as much as possible from Covid 19.

Our coronavirus disinfecting services

Our services are required by healthcare, education, food processing, food servicing, and many other industries. These industries are most likely to require these services as they have the most traffic regularly. That’s why they need our disinfection services. However, any other business sector would also be able to benefit from disinfecting services to protect staff and customers from getting and spreading Covid 19.

Disinfecting Cleaning Services Toronto

Our Covid 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services include the usage of sanitized products that are certified by the Canadian Health Department. Along with machinery and approaches that ensure complete cleaning and disinfecting of an area, place, building, etc.

With our services, people can be sure of the fact that their workplace or home is well protected from this virus. Our certifications provide people with peace of mind and ensure that it is 100% effective against this virus and will help one be healthy during this pandemic’s rampage.

Some of the active ingredients used in our solutions include Benzalkonium Chloride, Alkyl Ammonium Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Chloride. These chemicals, along with many others, helps us ensure that any surface is appropriately disinfected and safe for people.

coronavirus disinfection service toronto

Three types of disinfecting services

Under the disinfection services, we offer three types that are quite beneficial for people to choose according to their need. These involve:

  • Emergency disinfecting services
  • Weekly disinfecting services
  • Disinfecting remains/components of Covid 19

Under Covid 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services, these three are the primary types that most people opt for during this severe pandemic. Have a look at these in detail!

1. Emergency cleaning and disinfecting services

This virus can attack any individual at any given time and that is why we started offering emergency services to prevent spread and protect people if there is an outbreak in a building or place. Such an emergency can occur at any moment and is the reason why a household or commercial place would need to opt for it.

Our professionals use the Canadian Health Department’s approved cleaning equipment during the emergency cleanup and disinfection task. This ensures we provide a cleaning service that meets the needs of the workplace. This service will allow people using a building or space to do so without any fear. This is how we aid in stopping the spread of this virus.

Our experts use disposable PPE kits when performing our tasks. This ensures that after their work cleaning service is completed, they can dispose of them off correctly to avoid any spreading of coronavirus and to stay safe during the disinfecting process.

If there is an outbreak or if there are certain signs of this virus in any area, we recommend that you opt for our emergency Covid 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services. It helps our clients stay safe and healthy by ensuring that their customers and employees have a clean workspace to visit daily.

2. Weekly disinfecting services

Being concerned about employees and customers’ health has become a must for every business sector during the quick spread of the coronavirus. It is one of the essential reasons why business organizations choose our weekly disinfecting services, as we all know that “prevention is better than cure”.

Under our weekly disinfection services, we offer our clients several choices by creating proactive scheduling plans to choose from. Such customized plans from us mean that people can pick whatever choice they need to keep a place or building safe and secure from the coronavirus.

Moreover, people can hire us for bi-weekly disinfecting services too if that is what they need. This service is ideal for places where traffic flow on a daily basis is lower than that of a retail shop, restaurant, hospitals, etc.

We use a variety of solutions that include fog machines, sprays, etc. on high touch surfaces and high used areas during the disinfecting process. Some of the places we disinfect thoroughly include doorknobs, bathroom areas, vending machines, desks, chairs, etc. as these are the most used places and touched objects in any building.

Apart from these, if our clients want, they can have a consultation where we discuss our customized Covid 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services for disinfecting and cleaning up an area adequately. Also, we carry out our work and complete them without disturbing any aspect of the firm’s daily operation.

With the weekly or bi-weekly disinfecting and cleaning services, one can easily prevent coronavirus from spreading among employees and customers and provide a safe work environment for all.

3. Disinfecting components of Covid 19

Another disinfecting approach that is necessary in today’s world is hiring professionals to safely dispose of all harmful and non-harmful objects or remnants that may have been in contact with Covid 19 positive individuals. Without adequate knowledge and safety precautions, it is not easy for an individual to dispose of debris and remains.

Our professionals take care of this by disinfecting and then disposing of these objects appropriately at a safe place away from the premises. Our experts use disposable bags to carry the components and hinder the spread of this virus. This protects our clients from the hassle of disposing of such dangerous materials correctly and be healthy.

These are some of our services when people opt for our Covid 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services. If you are looking to disinfect any space or building, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professionals are the best in this business and we offer services that will help in staying protected during this pandemic.