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Stay And Keep Clean With Corona Virus Disinfection Services By The Decon Pros

The year 2020 has introduced us to COVID 19, a virus we were utterly unaware of just a short time ago. This virus has changed the way people work and live. In particular, businesses were affected massively by this virus outbreak. Many of them were shut down for several weeks, and others had to follow a strict set of rules to stay in operation.

The most important criterion for a business to function is maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. They had to take every possible measure to ensure the COVID 19 virus does not affect them or their customers. Hence, business owners had to resort to effective disinfection services that offer total safety from the novel coronavirus.

We at The Decon Pros offer top-quality COVID 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services in Toronto. Our company will help customers to maintain a 100% COVID 19 free business area. Additionally, we will also ensure your surroundings are clean, and customers can visit without any fears or doubts.

Importance of the COVID 19 Disinfection Service

The Corona Virus Disinfection Services can be a crucial part of your plan to run your business seamlessly. Everyone knows that the novel coronavirus is easily transferable from one person to another. Thus, if an infected person comes in contact with many healthy people, the chances are high that five out of ten will contract the disease.

The newest strain of COVID 19 is potent and even higher levels of threat to human life. Therefore, you must keep your area and surroundings clean and free from the virus.

Moreover, using the coronavirus disinfection service will create an environment where your customers feel they can safely and comfortably use your services.

We have been offering the highest quality of COVID 19 Disinfection Services to our clients. Our company provides dedicated disinfecting services to homes and workplaces. We will provide you with scheduled services to ensure the virus stays out of your premises forever. The Decon Pros will not leave a stone unturned to offer you premium disinfecting services.

The government has imposed strict rules to maintain health and hygiene at workplaces after the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, customers cannot afford to miss out on a regular disinfecting program if they wish to continue with your business operations. This service will help your workplace stay free from the dangerous COVID 19 virus. So, contact us at the earliest if you are planning to reopen your business’ doors!

In this challenging situation, it is necessary to ensure the safety of your staff and of your customers. With our COVID 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Service, we will conduct a thorough cleaning of all items present in your workplace. This includes chairs, tables, doorknobs, door handles, countertops, faucets, sinks, washroom fixtures, etc.

We have a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who know how to do their job quickly and professionally. They will perform regular clean-ups to ensure no new build-ups of the virus takes place. We will conduct a routine disinfecting session every week. Moreover, you can call us if you require emergency service in the meantime.

Our customer service team is available round the clock at your service. Feel free to call us at (647) 931-3484 for all types of disinfecting services!

Why should you choose Our Company over Others?

Since the pandemic outbreak, many companies have come up with their own Corona Virus Disinfection Services in Toronto. However, our services have always managed to stand out in the crowd due to our unique and effective approach. We are a team of dedicated workers who will give 100% of our efforts to keep your staff members and customers away from this harmful virus.

Our company offers thorough disinfection in various sectors, including homes, healthcare institutions, retail stores, malls, industrial complexes, and public buildings. We use the latest machinery and disinfectants that leave no corner untouched. Moreover, our staffs use environment-friendly disinfecting products that will keep your belongings safe. We buy chemical applicants from licensed dealers supplying authentic products.

The Decon Pros boasts its high-quality COVID 19 disinfecting services, including:

Anti-microbial disinfection

We use potent disinfectants that can kill microorganisms effortlessly. Our services include eliminating microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and mould that grow on various surfaces. These microorganisms are tiny and not visible to human eyes. However, they can cause a massive threat to the health of those in your home or in your workplace.


The Decon Pros will cover your home or workplace with hot steam containing disinfectants. This will ensure the COVID 19 virus’s tiniest particle is dead and the air is safe to breathe. Therefore, your employees and customers can visit you without the fear of infection.

Spraying and Hand Wiping

We spray germ-killing solutions on all surfaces that could be potentially hosting the COVID 19 virus. Next, we shall wipe the surfaces with clean wipes to remove the dead microorganisms, leaving the surface virus-free. Some of the common surfaces that can attract the coronavirus are table-tops, countertops, chairs, toilet seats, washbasins, water taps, doorknobs, and handles, etc.

Environment-Friendly cleaning solutions

Besides offering you virus-free solutions, our company also prioritizes environment-friendliness. We use safe disinfectants sourced from authorized dealers that will not harm the environment and your belongings. Moreover, our staff members are trained in applying eco-friendly cleaning techniques.

Disinfecting containment zones

Containment zones are highly prone to the virus since many infected people have stayed there. Hence, you should email us at service@torontodecontamination.com to take advantage of our premium disinfecting services if you remain in a containment zone. Our staff will clean every corner of your premises and all your belongings.

Our company offers top-notch COVID 19 Corona Virus Disinfection Services in GTA Toronto at a very reasonable price. We have experienced staff members who strive to give their best efforts to every client. Moreover, our company is committed to providing the highest quality of disinfecting services that you have ever received before.

The Decon Pros value customers’ time, and thus, we will try our best to wrap up the task within the promised time. You can walk into our office at 3047 Lake Shore Blvd West Toronto ONTM8V 1K5 Canada Monday to Saturday between 9 am to 5 pm. Additionally, our customer support desk is always available to take your phone calls.

Visit us at torontodecontamination.com to learn more about our services!