Toronto Zoo

Looking for best place to visit with your kids in Toronto? You will not find best opportunity to visit than Toronto Zoo, in Toronto for your kids trip.


Toronto is one of the fewest cities that are popular because of its unique and versatile free-standing buildings and natural beauty. It is the safest place in the world where people from all over the globe visits each year for business, education, employment and recreational purposes.

The city is full of facilities, offices, buildings, roads, parks, and streets that are well decorated and eye-catching. Millions of people migrate there from different regions of the world for a better future. You can plan your trip there to enjoy the best recreational places and finding better business opportunities in Toronto.

Toronto has historical places, landmarks, gardens, natural waterfalls that are appealing to visit and spend time there. CN Tower in Toronto is a famous free-standing building that is the second-largest building after Burj Khalifa.

In Toronto for tourists, Aga khan museum, Toronto Island, shopping in Distillery district, Film festivals, Kensington market, Eaton center, and many other places are available. Toronto is also popular due to its vibrant culture, incredible cultural neighborhoods, and exquisite cuisines.

Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is situated at 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto, ON M1B 5K7, Canada is the best place to visit. Facilities at Toronto Zoo make it different from other Zoos in the world. There are more than 5000 animals. You can see any of the animal species there and can spend your time with animals in the Zoo.

Animals in Toronto zoo brought from all parts of the world to make it a versatile place for the visitors to see diverse species of animals that they have not seen before. You can plan your trip for getting information about animals for educational or research study purposes.

Kids are very fond of animals and Toronto Zoo has the best animals for kids, monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants, deer, bear,s and much more species of birds that attract kids. The Zoo is not just famous because of animals but you will also get other facilities such as café, shopping center, kids play center.

Zoo is divided into 7 sections according to regions such as Australian, Americans, Canadian, Indo-Malaya, Eurasia, and Tundra trek. In each section specific regional animals are kept in cages. You can park your car there for just 10 dollars and also can go there by public transport.

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